About US

About Us

Speediance is a cutting-edge fitness brand dedicated to providing intelligent products that revolutionize home gym workouts. Our mission is to create scientifically sound fitness tools and content, personalized AI instruction, and a supportive community. We are committed to utilizing cutting-edge technology to provide the most innovative approach to home fitness.

The Speediance Gym Monster is the realization of our “hardware + content + AI personal instruction + community” concept to create the ultimate home gym experience.

Our products are designed to give customers the convenience and flexibility they need to work out from home and rediscover the value and enjoyment of fitness. Join us today and elevate your fitness journey to the next level!

What We Believe

Mission: Our mission is to offer users a safe, scientific, and dependable approach to fitness.

Vision: To empower individuals to lead active and energetic lives.

Values: Our goal is to craft an invigorating workout atmosphere and exceptional exercise experience.

Philosophy: We believe that working out should be a holistic experience that empowers both the body and the mind. Time spent on training should provide you with a physical and mental challenge and a joyful path toward a healthier you.



July 2020 Speediance founded.

April 2021 Speeciance receives millions of dollars in funding from investment firm Chuangxiang Future.

May 2021 Completion of samples for the initial product batch.

July 2021 Our first product – Gym Monster – officially launches.

November 2021 Gym Monster launched on Kickstarter, raising over $560,000 in just 30 days.

February 2022 Secured millions of dollars in Pre-A funding.

September 2022 Secured millions of dollars in Pre-A1 funding to continue developing products.

November 2022 Achieved Best-Seller status for strength training fitness equipment on Tmall platform.

December 2022 Received Top Brand Innovation Awards

July 2023 Secured millions of dollars in Pre-A2 funding to continue developing products.